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ABOUT Mountain Pup LLC

Hey All I'm John. 

Based out of Colorado I hand make anything from custom signs, reclaimed wood furniture, knives and sheaths, to decorative wall art. 

I've been doing wood work since I was just a young boy helping out my father around the house, and recently after only offering what I made as gifts to family and friends, have been able to pursue my dream of being able to bring what I make out to a broader audience.

After attaining my degree in mechanical engineering I was able to merge my love of art, technology, and working with my hands to bring you all the products you see. 

If you're wondering why 'Mountain Pup'? I named it for my sweet German Shepherd who has been with me through thick and thin.

All products are handmade here in Colorado, no two items will ever be exactly the same. I am always up to hearing ideas and creating new things, if you have an idea of something you would like let me know!

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