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Similar process to our pipe workshops, but making custom Dugouts and One hitters!

You will start by picking out your wood blanks from an assortment of hardwoods, both natural and dyed that will be assembled during our workshop, cut, carved, engraved if you like, polished and finished into something you can really be proud of.


At the end of the workshop feel free to bring your own tobacco or otherwise seeing as how this is Colorado.... and give your new one hitter a try on the patio!


work order will go:

-Pick your wood

-Design your shapes

-Assemble the blanks with glue and clamps

-Write down what you would like to have laser engraved into the pipe while we let the glue cure for a few minutes and take a quick beer/wine break

-Cut out pipe shape from assembly

-Sanding and finishing and engraving

-Enjoy your new creation!


The whole process will last roughly three and a half hours, we will be in my shop (Garage) the entirety of the work time and almost the entirety of the class you will be using a rotary tool with an extension attachment (makes it like using a pen to carve/sand rather than holding the entire tool). I will have music playing and examples for ideas, like I mentioned feel free to bring things to try with your new pipe after we are done or BYOB while we work as well. Just use common sense, we will be working with power tools that have sharp bits or blades on them

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